Full Disclosure

I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing.

  • I am not a real baker. I mean, I am real as in I am a real person. I am a real person who bakes real food. I have no professional training whatsoever. I bake because it is fun and it makes me feel better.
  • I don’t always level my dry ingredients. Sometimes, I just make things up.
  • I googled “baking blog etiquette” the other day. I’m terrified that I’ll do something wrong. Apologies in advance for anyone I offend.
  • I will most likely talk way too much about bacon, my dog, how I’m not married yet, my lack of motivation, and booze.
  • I am a really bad speller. (In fact, spell check just told me that “speller” is spelled wrong.)

Once again, I have no idea what I’m doing.

Here is a picture of my dog. Just because. Get used to it:


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One response to “Full Disclosure

  1. Just caught up on your blog – love it. I’m not a food blogger so what do I know, but I think that it’s great! Don’t let the “baking blog etiquette” thing scare you. You can make up the rules as you go along. The nice thing about a blog: you can change what you’re doing whenever!

    2013 will be a better year (at least I keep telling myself that).

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