Snowy Nights and Red Wine


I’m finally starting to get in the holiday spirit.  I think it’s all the snow.

Normally, I’m not the biggest fan of snow or of the winter in general. Winter means cold. It means gloomy days with no sun. It means lonely, cold nights. It mean yet another Christmas with no significant other. Also, as far as snow goes, I’m a city girl – snow is not pretty in the city. It is dirty. It gets in the way. It turns into this weird, grey sludge that you can’t even call snow.

However, tonight I gave snow a pass. It’s early enough in the winter that there are no big piles of grey sludge. I have new tires on my car, so the 3 mile drive home wasn’t scary. As I was driving down a street lined with trees and large, old houses covered in twinkle lights with the snow falling all around me, I realized that I wasn’t depressed. I wasn’t gloomy or angry that it was cold and snowing, I was happy.

Of course, my happiness was probably more about having the next two days off work than the pretty snow, but still.

I even bundled up when I got home and took the dog for a log walk through the falling snow. Stella always loves the snow – even when it is dirty. Watching her running around in the snow like a little kid just made me even happier.


But what made me happiest is the red wine, pizza, and the second season of Scandal waiting for me when I got back in from the cold. As I was brushing off my bright yellow snow boots, I even thought for a second that perhaps – if I had to stay single for the rest of my life – it might not be so bad.

Don’t worry, it was just for a second. Soon enough things will be back to normal and I’ll be crying during Dick’s Sporting Good’s commercials, eating fried chicken, not changing out of my pajamas and wondering why in the world no one wants me.

But tonight, I am enjoying the snow falling outside my window (especially since I don’t have to drive in it to work tomorrow), drinking a glass of wine, only eating two pieces of pizza, and trying to figure out how the villain from Ghost somehow turned into a handsome president.


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  1. “But what made me happiest is the red wine, pizza, and the second season of Scandal waiting for me when I got back in from the cold.” We are very definitely sisters.

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